No release, weekly updates, and 🔥 tip

No release

No release this week.

A reminder subscribers to a Shifty Plan automatically receive a PR bumping Laravel, as well as other packages, anytime there is a new release.

This automation is a nice way to stay up-to-date and periodically kick-off your CI builds. However, they're really just a bonus for subscribers. The main value of a Shifty Plan are the included Shifts, access to the Workbench, and webhooks.

Weekly Journal

Last week I finished up another Human Shift. This one was pretty straightforward upgrading a Laravel 6 application to Laravel 9. Also bumping Cashier along the way.

I toyed with the idea of making some Cashier Shifts. But it seems projects are running the latest version. Really the most annoying path is upgrading to Cashier 9.

I also recorded an episode with Chris Fidao last week. He has a new podcast, Pushing Boulders, where he talks to other creators in the community.

With the remaining time I made a few bug fixes and tweaks to the Laravel 9.x Shift. The most notable was merging the new core Facades in the app configuration.

Yesterday I gave some attention to Shift's webbooks. There had been a long-standing bug where it would inspect additional files outside of those changed in the PR. I pushed up a patch. So we'll see if that fixes it.

This week I'll continue to work on more improvements for the webhooks, as well as continue to develop the pending Workbench tasks.

🔥 Tip

You may not have known, but Shift offers webhooks. These are included with any Shifty Plan. By default it runs the tasks from the Laravel Fixer against the changed files within a PR. You may also create a Workbench build to trigger your own custom automation for the webhook to run.

The webhooks may be set up to run on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab any time a pull request is opened. They effectively behave like a code formatter, code reviewer, and automatic refactorer all in one.