No release, weekly updates, and 🔥 tip

No release

No release today as there was a patch release last Friday and another one Monday. We'll find some noteworthy changes in next week's release.

A reminder subscribers to a Shifty Plan automatically receive a PR bumping Laravel, as well as other packages, anytime there is a new release.

This automation is a nice way to stay up-to-date and periodically kick-off your CI builds. However, they're really just a bonus for subscribers. The main value of a Shifty Plan are the included Shifts, full access to the Workbench, and webhooks.

Weekly Journal

Last week I completed the outstanding Human Shift. These were 3 in total. One on Laravel 4.2, which I upgraded to Laravel 9.x. Another on Laravel 5.2, which I upgraded to Laravel 10.x. Finally, a Laravel 10.x app which wanted to create the foundation for a test suite and CI.

As always during the Human Shifts, I found a few paper cuts I can tend to. So this week I'll make some minor improvements to the older Shifts.

I also reached out to the one and only Jess Archer to see if she wants to pair with me later this month to return to, and hopefully complete, the Shift CLI.

🔥 Tip

I've never really liked the term expert. Always sounded like a bullshit term, like enterprise. But when it comes to upgrading Laravel applications, I might be at the expert level. I don't know anyone else who has upgraded as many applications as I have, or has running knowledge of the changes within Laravel. Combine that with someone who loves automation, and I'm crazy efficient.

The point is, if you have an old Laravel application that needs to be upgraded, consider picking up a Human Shift. Your time is better spend elsewhere, and I'll do it faster and more thorough.

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