Laravel 9.22, weekly updates, and 🔥 tip

Laravel 9.22

A lot of patch releases last week to tweak some of the refreshed artisan commands. We also have a few new features this week to bring us to Laravel 9.22.

  • Add "Logs" info to Artisan about in #43307
  • Allow installing doctrine/dbal from model:show in #43288
  • Allow using backed enums as route parameters in #43294
  • Add option to restricts publishing only existing stub files in #43314
  • Fix Bootstrap 5 pagination in #43319
  • Add supportsTemporaryUrl to FilesystemAdapter in #43317
  • Add fluent File validation rule object in #43271
  • Ability to attach an array of files to MailMessage in #43080
  • Refresh Artisan serve command in #43375

You may review the full branch diff on GitHub for a complete list of changes.

This version bump and update is automated for subscribers to a Shifty Plan. If you don't have one of those, be sure to bump your constraint and run composer update to get the latest features.

Weekly Journal

Last week I hosted another live stream where I updated Shift's Laravel Factory generator package. I also had some new Human Shifts come in. One was a quick pairing session I did on Friday and the other was upgrading from a Laravel 5.8 application to Laravel 9.x.

Izzy got sick last week. So that put everything on pause. She's getting better, but I haven't been able to do much coding as she needs my attention.

I did spend a little time during one of her naps to convert my PHP CS Fixer ruleset to Laravel Pint. Only took about 20 minutes. Even though Pint is built on top of PHP CS Fixer, I like its minimal config and Laravel preset.

So, in my live stream this week, I'll update the CI Generator to support Pint.

🔥 Tip

Since there wasn't much coding last week, I'll fallback on my usual tip to call YAGNI and ship it.

Whether it's a work project or a side project, it's far more important to launch something than it is to use the new shiny, implement design patterns, or, dare I say, write tests. The priority should be to "ship it".