Laravel 8.14, weekly updates, and 🔥 tip

Laravel 8.14

There were a couple patch releases last week, and some good stuff in this week's release. So we get a minor version bump to 8.14.0.

  • Add day constants to Scheduler in #35171
  • Add regex method to check alphanumeric route parameters in #35154
  • Remove decrypting array cookies in #35130
  • Allow custom broadcastWith in notification broadcast channel in #35142
  • Fix appendable attributes in Blade components in #35131
  • Set model cast encryption with encryptUsing in #35080
  • Ability to dispatch unique jobs in #35042

You may review the full branch diff on GitHub for a complete list of changes.

This minor version bump and update is automated for subscribers to a Shifty Plan. If you don't have one of those, be sure to bump your constraint and run composer update to get the latest features.

Weekly Journal

Well, still easing into the parenthood thing. I started some small amounts of coding yesterday. But with less sleep, it's hard to stay focused.

A few Human Shifts came in late last week. Those have been nice as they are time-based and I can work on them in spurts. So hopefully I'll finish those up this week.

I am also working on small refactors. For example, I removed the custom cast we were using to encrypt data to use the now built-in encrypted cast.

I hope to squeeze in a live stream tomorrow to TDD the package deals I'll be running for Black Friday.

🔥 Tip

While I talk about this in BaseLaravel, my limited time has reminded me the benefit of tiny refactors. Code is constantly evolving. And so is the Laravel framework. These small, yet continual refactors help keep the code up-to-date, but also fresh, so it's fun to work on.

No refactor is too small. For example, updating your scheduled jobs or codebase to use the new day constants. Or adopting the built-in encrypted cast allowed me to remove an entire class worth of custom code.

So if you see something new in these emails, take a minute to implement it in your code.